Digital Marketing Agency, How To Outsource?

How To Outsource Your Digital Marketing Agency

How To Outsource Your Digital Marketing Agency

Digital today, I want to show you how you can completely outsource. Your digital marketing agency so you can build the business of your digital dreams.

Create some real-time freedom and a business that you enjoy. This became super important to me back in August of 2017.

Digital Solopreneur

I’ve been heads down in my business for several years. I was still a solopreneur we were starting, some success, some results so I told my wife. Let’s go take a week and a half off. Let’s enjoy ourselves from all the hard work we’ve been doing over the last couple of years.”

So I put everything that I was doing on my business on hold, and I just took a full. I put my phone in airplane mode, and when I’d get back to my hotel room, I’d connect to Wi-Fi.

I checked like, “Man, this is cool. Still made a thousand dollars a day or two thousand or three thousand dollars.” Remember it’s like day four or five; I was like, “Man, we still made like five grand today.” Was like, “This is like literally the business of my dreams. I can’t believe how amazing this is.”

But then on days seven, eight, nine, and ten, I’d go back and check my email. I noticed that I was making no money and no money and no money. That is because I’d completely put a hundred percent halt on my digital business, and those first few days. Just more of a cascade and effect of the previous work that I’d done before the trip.

Digital Business

But because I had stopped doing all my work and all my activities or making my business grow. It then started to take effect a little bit later, and then. I got back to work after this vacation, and it didn’t just immediately come back. It took a good three to four weeks to get my digital business back up.

So I took my 10 days off plus another three to four weeks. It was over a month before I had my business up and running like I had it before. After I saw what happened on this one vacation, I committed myself that I would.

That I would go and grow beyond myself as a solopreneur, and I’d start hiring people for the key. So that even if I took a vacation, even if I completely stepped out, my b to grow.

Fast forward a year later, my wife and I went what I did for the entire week. I left it in our room the entire week. Didn’t even do daily checkups for emails, Slack messages, or anything like that. And guess what? The business continued to run.

My business beforehand when I went and took that trip a year later when I took that Lake.

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